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    The ampoule sticker labeling machine conveys a marking precision of under 1mm. It has a consolidated rationale control unit used to store and recover creation information on the machine. Ampoule labeler is furnished with servo engines sourced from famous manufacturers around the globe. The sticker marking machine for ampoules can convey up to 300 names for every moment. It is additionally firm and hearty in development to dispense with any vibration and upgrade precision during activity. 

    With this model of the machine, there is no personal time happening while changing between labels of various sizes. There rates of transport, mark allocator, and the squeezing gadget are very much synchronized for proficient activity. The ampoule labeling machine is likewise supported free and simple to change the measurements according to the diverse mark sizes in the cycle. 

    The ampoule sticker labeling machine

    has diminished the pressure of marking an ampoule by means of the manual strategy. The ampoule marking machine is completely programmed and can work rapidly consequently lessening the time utilization. The ampoule sticker labeling machine is very simple to utilize and it is utilized for marking ampoules at a high speed. 

    These labeling machines comprise of name apportioning framework which is upheld by the most recent and progressed microprocessor. It likewise holds progressed detecting systems for labels and items. This cutting edge innovation-based labeling machine is competent to join differing units every minute. The machine is made of pure body and is conservative in size. 

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    Specifications & Features

    1. No change in parts 
    2. No Overprinting framework. 
    3. Solid Frame, Large Body, and Precise workmanship give vibrations free execution. 
    4. Variable Speed Pulley permits more noteworthy adaptability over yield or alternatively AC Freq. Drive System for Speed Variation. 
    5. Reasonable for Flag type and Overlap Labeling. 
    6. Long Pressing Device for legitimate fixing of marks

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