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    The front and back jug sticker naming machine is a completely programmed, tough, and straight forward model. The Flat Bottle Front and Back Labeling Machine is an ideal appliance for applying labels on both the front and back of round, flat, oval, square, rectangular formed bottles of different sizes. This multi-pack model is exceptionally easy to use and enduring. It is fit for conveying a yield of the most extreme 120 labels in a moment relying upon the size of the item and label. It even incorporates the most recent item arrangement system that is synchronized with the top holding belt system. This vertical gear likewise has a processor-controlled label apportioning system and a detecting system for labels and items. The front and back naming machine additionally consolidates a novel single point synchronized speed control system.

    Further, the refined label length recognizing system assists with forestalling manual taking care of and putting away of label length information into the memory, and recovering similar subtleties each an ideal opportunity to change the label size, and restart the gear. This preset system consequently saves time, generally cost, diminishes machine downtime, and builds efficiency.

    Disinfectant Bottle Labeling Machine For Front and Back Labeling 

    The disinfectant bottle labeling machine is likewise accessible with a discretionary security bureau produced using hardened glass or acrylic. All things considered, this model 120F of the front and back naming machine has all the essential highlights of the standard gear. Thus it coordinates the prerequisites of the various clients of bundling supplies in the public just as the global market. Other than this, the disinfectant jug naming machine has easy to utilize changes and needs the least changing of apparatuses or parts. The front and back naming machine can likewise be uniquely planned with a feed worm system and pocket system, for guaranteeing precise arrangement of the jugs on the transport to label the jugs consummately. It incorporates a solitary point online speed variety control system and is additionally reasonable for incomplete or full fold-over and covers naming. 

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    Specifications & Features

    1. No Label Data Input/recoveries need for any Label Size 
    2. No Change Parts for Label size, Feed Worm and Pocket System needed for change in item size 
    3. Single Pot On-line Speed Variation control 
    4. Integrated speed of Label Dispensing, Conveyor and Top Hold Belt System 
    5. Practically Maintenance free machine 
    6. Simple to change label application stature 
    7. Easy to understand Label Placing Adjustments 
    8. Self Protected against Voltage Fluctuations 
    9. Reasonable for On-Line InkJet and Contact Coding System 
    10. Reasonable for Partial, Full Wrap Around and Overlap LabellingBuilt In A.C. Variable Frequency Drive System. 
    11. Completely Stainless Steel finish Machine

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