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The Wrap Around Labeling Machine is suitable for pharmaceuticals, beverages, food products, agricultural products, fertilizers, pesticides, etc. This machine is essentially appropriate for round-formed containers. It is vigorously worked to work proficiently and last more. Also, this wrap-around labeling machine model can run at generally higher velocities and capacity ceaselessly for a few hours. The design of the machine is done in such a way that clients can easily and quickly change the products. It is easy to work and simple to maintain. 

It has an incredible and quick stepper engine; with variable labeling and transport speed. The wrap station empowers to correctly wrap the labels on round bottles and also, it is compatible with square size bottles as well. This Wrap Around Labeling Machine even has an ideal bar, optic fiber item detecting system; with flexible height and length. Additionally, the equipment is constrained by the most latest microprocessor and has a LED display. The other unique highlights of this model are; the production run counter and the label count down; just as the one-touch label set and situating system. It additionally has a transport that breaks space constraints; and an anodized aluminum outline. This Wrap Around Labeling Machine is also accessible with a few discretionary connections, for example, press and spin; which assists with guaranteeing that the labels are wrapped entirely and precisely. Furthermore, a hot stepping and coding machine, an ink fly printer, and a reasonable label sensor can be provided with this equipment. It really coordinates all the essential prerequisites of an ideal machine.

Specifications & Features
Wrap Around Sticker Labeling Machine

  1. Stepper Motor for quick and exact marking performant
  2. Conveyor speed/Variable labeling
  3. Beam Optic Fiber Product Sensing system
  4. Suitable to apply self-adhesive labeling (square bottles)
  5. Managed by Microprocessor with LED display
  • Wrapping is flexible for both height and angle
  • Touch setting & positioning is available
  • Production & Labeling count down the center
  • Quick & easy changeover
  • Smart Label Sensor
  • Clean SUS#304 and anodized aluminum outline

Product Applications 

Wrap around sticker labeling machine for plastics bottles, glass bottles, tin containers, packaging bottles, drugs bottles, perfume bottle, tin holders, jerry can, HDPE bottle, corrective jug, dropper bottle, plastic cosmetics container, oil bottle, vial, pesticide bottle, pet plastic containers, plastic jerry jars, plastic jars, makeup holders, pet plastic jug, Aluminum bottle, cleanser bottle, plastic bundling can, tablet holder, metal bundling items, round holder, compound jug, plastic dropper bottles, pet holder, bundling container, plastic restorative jug, plastic vials, cream container, beautifying agents cream container, aluminum jars, pharma pet jugs, dry syrup bottles, container bottles, wine bottle, wide-mouth bottle, stockpiling bottle, paint compartment, drinking bottles, plastic syrup bottle, plastic oil bottle, drugs plastic jug, bundling can, square jug, refreshment bottle. medication bottle, Aerosol jars, blow shaped compartments, eye drop bottle, pill bottle, milk bottle, medication container, metal tin, square container, latrine cleaner bottle, composite can, Nail clean container, latrine cleaner bottle, pet restorative jug, nectar container, sauce bottle, homeopathic jugs,  bundling tin, lager bottle, polypropylene bottle,  fluid blue jug, hdpe can, sweet shop plastic containers, corrective bundling holder, hued plastic jug, ldpe bottle, ointment bottle, cream compartment, plastic bundling tube, plastic medication bottle, round tin, bath powder bottle, plastic cream container, plastic oil holders, Acrylic container, plastic paint compartment, compound plastic bottle, level jug, paint jars, treats container, plastic coolant bottles, blow formed jugs, homeopathic plastic jugs, phenyl bottle, substance jars, glass oil bottle, twofold divider container, Essential oil bottle, mouthwash bottle, sauce holder, liquor bottle, stone glass bottle glucose bottle, round and hollow jug, lube oil bottle, glass jam container, printed bundling tube, oil examining bottles, plastic container bottle, clean jug, plastic pill bottle labeler machines.  Wrap around sticker labeling machine utilized in numerous businesses like Pharmaceuticals, Food bottle labelers, Edible Oil, Dairy, pesticides, Distilleries, Lube, Breweries, Cosmetics, Toiletries, Etc.

Automatic Wrap Around Sticker Labeling Machine Price

As Hindustan Industries, we take pride in presenting our Automatic Wrap Around Sticker Labeling Machine at competitive prices that suit your budget. Our Wrap Around Sticker Labeling Machine price is designed to provide affordability without compromising on quality. We understand the importance of offering cost-effective solutions, which is why our Affordable Wrap Around Sticker Labeling Machine is tailored to meet the diverse needs of businesses. For the best deals and unbeatable prices on Wrap Around Sticker Labeling Machines, please reach out to us at 8894545330 or 9218645135. Hindustan Industries is your trusted partner for efficient labeling solutions at the most competitive price.

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