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Round Bottle Front
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Round Bottle Front Back Labeling Machine

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Specifications & Features
Round Bottle Front And Back Sticker Labeling Machine

    1. Product suitability: Round Bottle/Round container (Upto 1Ltr.)
    2. PLC based control panel.
    3. Touch screen HMI operating panel.
    4. Pneumatic roller assembly to rotate the jar/bottle (need air pressure
      approx. 6-8 bar).
    5. All motors variable speeds with HMI.
    6. Body & Structure made of SS:304.
    7. Wheel & Leveling pad assembly attached with machine.
    8. All dispensers adjustable with handle.
    9. Label dispensers with Stepper/Servo motors (Cost diff. 25k)
    10. Motor Gear box- MGM Varvell/Bonfiglioli.
    11. Sensors- Make Leuze electronics/Sick.
    12. All live parts enclosed with SS covers.
    13. Conveyor- Length approx. 5-6 feet (Plastic slat/SS slat).
    14. Compact & Robust Structure, simplified operation, Low maintenance.
    15. Best Round Bottle Front Back Labeling Machine

We have delivered many high-quality Sticker Labeling Machines in India.


Successfully Delivered Round Bottle Double side Labeling Machine

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