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Double Side Sticker Labeling Machine​

Double Side Sticker Labeling Machine​

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Double side Labeling Machine

Double Side Sticker Labeling Machine by Hindustan Industries is an advanced, user-friendly, and low-maintenance solution designed for efficient and precise labeling. This machine is versatile and perfect for applying/pasting sticker labels on both the front and back of various  bottle/container shapes, including Round, Flat, Oval, Rectangular, and Square. With a fully stainless steel finish, it is durable and easy to clean, making it an ideal choice for diverse labeling needs. It features easy-to-understand label placing adjustments, self-protection against voltage fluctuations, and is practically maintenance-free. The integrated speed of the label dispensing, conveyor, and top hold belt system ensures seamless and efficient operation.


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Industries Using the Double Side Sticker Labeling Machine

The Double Side Sticker Labeling Machine by Hindustan Industries is suitable for various industries, including:

  • Pharmaceutical Industry: Ideal for labeling medicine bottles and containers.
  • Food and Beverage Industry: Perfect for labeling jars, bottles, and containers of different shapes.
  • Cosmetic Industry: Ideal for labeling cosmetic products like lotions, creams, and shampoos.
  • Chemical Industry: Suitable for labeling chemical containers of various shapes and sizes.
  • Liquor Industry: Perfect for labeling liquor bottles with precision and efficiency.
  • Ayurvedic Industry: Ideal for labeling Ayurvedic medicine bottles and containers.
  • Lubricant Industry: Suitable for labeling lubricant bottles and containers of different sizes.
  • Home Care Products Industry: Perfect for labeling home care product containers such as detergents and cleaners.
  • Pesticides Industry: Ideal for labeling pesticide bottles and containers.

The Double Side Sticker Labeling Machine is a valuable tool for many industries because it can label products accurately and professionally. It is versatile, meaning it can be used for different types of containers, and it is efficient, which helps businesses save time and money. Whether you are in the pharmaceutical, food and beverage, cosmetic, chemical, liquor, Ayurvedic, lubricant, home care products, or pesticides industry, this machine can help you label your products with ease.

Compatible with a Wide Range of Bottle Shapes

The Automatic Double Side Bottle Labeling Machine from Hindustan Industries is compatible with a wide range of bottle shapes, including:

  1. Round Bottles: Ensures precise labeling for cylindrical containers.
  2. Flat Bottles: Suitable for containers with flat surfaces.
  3. Square Bottles: Perfect for square-shaped bottles, ensuring even label placement.
  4. Oval Bottles: Capable of handling uniquely shaped bottles with ease.

For inquiries regarding compatibility with specific bottle shapes or sizes, please contact us at 9218645135 or 8894545330.

Specifications & Features of Double Side Sticker Labeling Machine For Bottles

  • No Label Data Input/recoveries want for any Label Size
  • No Change Parts for Label size, Star Wheel want for Feeding Hopper
  • Single Pot On-line Speed Variation control
  • Practically Maintenance free machine
  • Simple to change name application stature
  • Easy to understand Label Placing Adjustments
  • Self Protected against Voltage Fluctuations
  • Appropriate for On-Line InkJet and Contact Coding System
  • Reasonable for Partial, Full Wrap Around and Overlap Labeling
  • Underlying A.C. Variable Frequency Drive System
  • Fully Stainless Steel finish Machine
Single Side Sticker Labeling Machine

Our Double Side Sticker Labeling Machine Price

Investing in the Double Side Sticker Labeling Machine by Hindustan Industries ensures high returns through increased efficiency and reduced operational costs. Contact us today for the best Double Side Labeling Machine Price and find out how our solutions can meet your labeling needs. For the best price and to learn more about our labeling solutions, please contact us at 8894545330 or 9218645135. Trust Hindustan Industries for all your labeling needs.

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