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The Paper Roll Labeling Machine is used for the Branding for Paper Rolls. This is Three Head Labeling Machine it means Machine will paste the 3 labels at a time with high speed. This machine is essentially appropriate for All type of round-formed Products. Paper Rolls, Party Poopers, Gift Wrap Rolls are the best examples. Also, this wrap-around labeling machine model can run at generally higher velocities and capacity ceaselessly for a few hours. The design of the machine is done in such a way that clients can easily and quickly change the products. It is easy to work and simple to maintain. 

It has an incredible and quick stepper engine; with variable labeling and transport speed. This Wrap Around Paper Roll Labeling Machine even has an ideal bar, optic fiber item detecting system; with flexible height and length. Additionally, the equipment is constrained by the most latest microprocessor and has a LED display. The other unique highlights of this model are; the production run counter and the label count down; just as the one-touch label set and situating system. It additionally has a transport that breaks space constraints; and an anodized aluminum outline. This Paper Roll Labeling Machine is also accessible with a few discretionary connections, for example, press and spin; which assists with guaranteeing that the labels are wrapped entirely and precisely. Furthermore, a hot stepping and coding machine, an ink fly printer, and a reasonable label sensor can be provided with this equipment. It really coordinates all the essential prerequisites of an ideal machine.

Specifications & Features
Paper Roll Sticker Labeling Machine

  • Stepper Motor for quick and exact marking performant
  • Conveyor speed/Variable labeling
  • Beam Optic Fiber Product Sensing system
  • Suitable to apply self-adhesive labeling (Paper Rolls)
  • Wrapping is flexible for both height and angle
  • Touch setting & positioning is available
  • Production & Labeling count down the center
  • Quick & easy changeover
  • Smart Label Sensor
  • Clean SUS#304 and anodized aluminum outline
  • Managed by Microprocessor with LED display

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